You’ve heard of us, the whispers, the rumors about who we are.
But do you really know us?
When you think of us,
the words “bad” and “crazy” come to mind.
This is who we really are.


We are…

The ones who need time to heal,
The ones who feel lost and alone,
The ones who are trying our hardest each and every day,
The ones who were forced to grow up too early,
The ones who are judged and feel hopeless,
The ones who want to fit in,
The kids that don’t want to be treated differently for things that happened to us,
The young people who want a future.


This is who we are,
Not the awful kids or the kids who are violent,
We aren’t insane and we aren’t dangerous.
We want to get somewhere in life,
We have goals.
We have dreams.
We are the Villa of Hope.


Rachel K., Avalon Student
Villa Voices Editor