To all of my young … black boys

To all of my young … black boys

Those whose melanin is embraced by the sun but disgraced by society.

Those who live day by day because their future is uncertain

Those who come from the cracks of the ghetto where gunshots ring in the wee hours of the morning, mothers mourning and fathers are nowhere to be found

Yes, young black boy I am talking to you.

You worship these streets…. the same streets that plastered innocent black faces, shell cases, with scattered brains on the black pavement. All you see is the yellow tape.

The scene that seems surreal is all too real to me… my reality.

I remember it precisely it was august 19th 2015. Two teens and a young man were gunned down on Genesee St.

I was just around the corner when I heard the bullets scream. Praying it wasn’t the bros thankful it wasn’t me.

I got home…. I got home and a phone call came it said “niggas shot Jonah and they killed Rae Rae”. Every day I think about what life would be like if they were here.

So young black boy be grateful for the life you have. Stop killing yourself and stop killing others. Stop abusing your mind because emulating the media does not make you one of a kind.

The perception of the fast life is blind, so be careful because some people don’t make it to the finish line.


To all the young women here I commend you for being as strong as you are. But you have to stop the nonsense.

Learn to respect yourself because nobody will respect you like you respect yourself.

Don’t let these video vixens and rap artists distort your image of the true way you can achieve your wealth.

Have you ever fell victim? Putting make up on to hide that “crooked smile” those imperfections that we all have. My sister when you walk I need you to feel confident. You are strong for a reason this is no accident.

Pick your head up because my beauty you stand on the shoulders of Nubian queens. So hold your crown by any means. And to my kings realize that there is no one above you. Expect imperfections because there is beauty in the struggle.

                                                                  ~ Shalinda