The Boy Who Painted the World

Long ago the world was all white
There was no sky or moon
No day or night
No things to see, No things to do
Till one day a boy saw something new
“What’s this?” he said picking it up with his hands
Then his hands turned into something quite grand
He had picked up the object and he counted to three
He was amazed at what his surroundings came to be
So, he was now having fun in a rush
And he looked at this thing he now called “Brush”
While running with his brush as his smile became bright
He realized the world was more than just white
Then a word came to mind, “Color,” he said
Then he tapped his newly colored head
The world was now stained with colors so quaint
“And this,” he said, “I think I’ll call ‘Paint’!”
Colors popped up, to and fro
And that’s when the boy began to know
So he rushed some more
And did a twirl
‘Cause he knew he just found a brush
The brush that painted the world.

Becca M.