Wishes Wishful Thinking

I am afraid of life
I am afraid of death
I am afraid that one day I will leave this world and not be remembered
I am afraid of what my future has in store for me
I am even afraid of my thoughts

I am afraid of heights
I am afraid of drowning
I am afraid that the thought of being afraid will single me out
I am afraid of snakes
I am even afraid that Donald Trump may become president

I want genuine friends who won’t turn their backs at tough times
I want sincere family members that care about my progress
I want to love and be loved, not just labeled by my outside appearance but by my inner beauty
I want to be able to express my creativity without being criticized
I even want some new tattoos

I want to be happy
I want to live stress free
I want to be all that I can be
I want to be a part of something instead of being “that kid”
And I want to go on without the past haunting me for something I should or shouldn’t have done
Most of all I want to be me